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Uppsala, the inaugural Netball Sweden road trip!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Uppsala to host the first Netball road trip Nov 13-14, 2021.

To assist smaller clubs around the country in starting and building their clubs Netball Sweden is launching our 'Netball road trips'. Players from several clubs around the country will meet for a weekend away at a different location every 3 months to play some netball, meet old and new friends, see the sights and just generally have a good time. No prior netball experience is needed and activities will be available to suit all ages, experience and skill levels. This is a great chance to bring your friends who have never heard of Netball!

The first of our 'Netball road trips' will be Uppsala! Join our netballers November 13-14th, 2021 in Uppsala to play some social mixed netball, hang out and see some sights. Monday 15th to 19th of November netball will be taught to school students at Gåvsta skola just outside of Uppsala :)

Uppsala Netball began in September 2020. Uppsala was the 4th town after Stockholm (2 clubs), Lund/Malmö and Gothenburg to play netball. Katarina Bickley was the driving force in Uppsala but shortly after they started playing the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic took hold and activity, as with all clubs ceased for 9 months.

When it was time to move on for work Katarina passed the reigns to Molly Hanson who started running Uppsala Netball in September 2021.

"We are really looking forward to getting going again in Uppsala and hosting the first Netball road trip! We have really missed playing and look forward to some full court play as well as teaching some newbies the game we love."

Molly Hanson - Uppsala Netball

More information will come about the Uppsala event closer to the date but there will be evening plans on Saturday so book your accommodation central! We look forward to seeing you! Let us know you are 'Going' here;

The Netball road trips provide support to smaller clubs in accessing venues and equipment as well as providing a 'full court' opportunity to help build netball enthusiasm locally. For the rest of us it's just a nice day trip or weekend away, happy friendly faces and a bit of netball!

Following on from Uppsala, the next road trip is scheduled for February 2022 in Gothenburg.

Contact Netball Sweden with interest in;

- introducing netball to your school!

- starting up a work team or a friends team to play netball in Sweden!

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