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New Clubs start in Sweden!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

After a decade 2 new netball clubs have registered in Sweden.

New Netball clubs have begun in Gothenburg and Skåne. This makes 3 clubs in Sweden in addition to the Stockholm Netball Club that has been running since 2008. The new clubs were supported to start by the Stockholm Netball Club committee who assisted in recruiting and registration.

“We are so pleased to see new clubs starting in Sweden and we look forward to playing with and against these new players!”

Heather Main, Founder/Treasurer, Stockholm Netball Club 2019.

Welcome Gothenburg and Skåne!

Gothenburg Netball Club was championed by Kate Richie, a Brit studying in Gothenburg. The club was registered as an ideell förening April 2019.

Skåne Netball Club was founded by Suzy Jackson, an Australian married to a Swede. The club was registered as an ideell förening February 2019.

The clubs participated in their first International tournament in Copenhagen February 2019, the 6th Sweden v Denmark tournament, the first held in Copenhagen 2009. This is the first time the Swedish team consists of more than just Stockholm Netball Club members.

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