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Sweden welcomes Junior and Walking netball!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

August 2020 is an exciting month for Swedish Netball with the initiation of both Junior netball and Walking netball. Junior netball will be offered through the Lynx Netball club and Walking netball through the Stockholm Netball Club. Both of these activities are happening in Stockholm, which while active in netball since 2008 has focused mainly on expat communities between 18-35 years.

What is Walking netball? You can hold the ball for 5 seconds and take an extra step in possession of the ball but at all times one foot must be on the ground, thus no running, no jumping. Lynda McDonald had already played Walking Netball before coming to Sweden.

“I was thinking if I couldn't play real netball what was the point. But I was so wrong!"

Lynda McDonald, Walking Netball Stockholm. Read more in our testimonies.

The first Swedish walking netballers!

These new netball activities are particularly exciting as it marks the expansion of Netball in Sweden to accommodate a broad range of players from 6 years to over 65 years old. Junior netball at the Lynx Netball Club will welcome all players from 6-17 years old and Walking netball is targeted at those looking for a short term or long term remiss from the higher impact version, including those returning from pregnancy, injury or older players.

Alexandra Ward and Helen Johnson, co-founders of the Lynx Netball Club recognise the importance of Juniors for Swedish netball and for spreading the reach of netball in Sweden. "Although Netball was invented by a Swede (Martina Bergman Österberg 1893-96) it is relatively unknown in Sweden. This makes joining our junior team an exciting opportunity to welcome not only expats who know and love the sport but to introduce it and the history to Swedish children too!", says Alex.

“We are very excited to be starting the first junior team in Sweden and training the children that could one day participate in the National team!"

Alexandra Ward - Lynx Netball Club.

The Stockholm Netball Club has been running since 2008 and over the years has seen players retire for various reasons. 2020 club president Chloe Prior says "It is important to us as a social club to be as inclusive as possible. Walking netball allows adults of all ages and athletic capabilities to join our club, be social and keep fit.

“We value being able to keep our club members part of our Netball family for longer."

Chloe Prior - Walking Netball, Stockholm Netball Club.

Contact the Lynx Netball Club or the Stockholm Netball Club to get involved!

For those living outside of Stockholm interested in playing Junior or Walking Netball please feel free to fill in our 'Interest in Netball in Sweden' form and we will try to get something going for you!

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