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Swedish clubs collaborate to start 'Netball Sweden'

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

January 2020 marks the birth of Swedish National Netball

Following the establishment of new netball clubs in Sweden in 2019 a need for a National coordinating body became apparent. In a collaboration between the Stockholm, Skåne and Gothenburg Netball clubs an organisation called 'Netball Sweden' has now been registered as an ideell förening.

National coordination to support development

“We are very excited to begin building netball in Sweden and supporting the development of existing and new clubs!”

Micaela Cosgrove, Vice President Netball Sweden.

Mission of Netball Sweden

Logo design by Helen Johnson

The mission of Netball Sweden is to have "as many people playing and enjoying netball for as long as possible", under this mission the initiative will link to relevant National and International sporting associations including Riksidrottsförbund (RF), the International Netball Federation (INF) and Netball Europe (NE). While the Stockholm Netball Club have represented Sweden in INF and NE since 2009 the formation of more clubs in Sweden now requires the National Federation to take on the role.

In the next 6 months Netball Sweden will work towards assembling a working group of those experienced and interested in Netball Development to establish a plan of how we will work with netball in the short terms and longer term to ensure a strong foundation of development that is integrated into the local support ecosystems and works with the Netball Europe Development committee focussed on European 'developing' netball countries.

Join us!

“Together we will share netball with Sweden”

Agnes Lanthén, Treasurer, Netball Sweden.

For the last decade netball has been mainly an expat and immigrant sport in Sweden. We now aim to integrate netball into the Swedish sporting ecosystem and attract more participation from locals. Part of this is driving development of juniors netball and part linking into National and regional sporting initiatives to ensure we are accessing the support and funds available. Building a sport to elite and International level is no small feat and will involve a lot of grass roots investment, broad accessibility and engagement and establishment of National policies and recommendations. We welcome engagement in this as we build a team of volunteers to create a National working structure and to establish a strategy and roll out plan.

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