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Netball was first played in Sweden in 2008 at Karolinksa Institutet (KI), Stockholm, Sweden. The founder of the Stockholm Netball Club and Swedish Netball was Australian born KI student Heather Main. By 2011 the Stockholm Netball Club had 6 teams and played 3 nights at week at 2 venues, the interest for Netball was great!


Some firsts;

  • May 2008, the first netball game was played in Stockholm at Karolinska Institutet.

  • February 2009, Sweden joined Netball Europe and the International Netball Federation as Associate members.

  • March 2009, the Stockholm Netball Club became Sweden's first legally registered Netball organisation. 

  • May 2009, the Stockholm Netball Club was the first Swedish team to play abroad, in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

  • June 2010, Junior Netball offered through the Stockholm Netball Club

  • August 2010, the Stockholm Netball Club hosted their first International tournament in Stockholm against Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland.

  • 2019 the Skåne Netball Club and Gothenburg Netball Club legally registered expanding Swedish Netball and generating formation of Netball Sweden.

  • June 2020, the first logo for Netball Sweden was produced by Helen Johnson of the Lynx Netball Club.

  • June 2020, the first Juniors club started in Sweden as the Lynx Netball Club.

  • August 2020 the first game of Walking Netball was played through the Stockholm Netball Club.

  • August 2020 the first interclub league begins in Stockholm hosted by the Lynx Netball Club.


Our clubs

The first club legally established in Sweden was the Stockholm Netball Club, who became a registered organisation in 2009. In 2019 the Gothenburg Netball Club and Skåne Netball Club legally registered. Addition of extra clubs in Sweden meant it was no longer possible for the Stockholm Netball Club to represent Sweden in NE and INF and thus activities were initiated to start a National Netball Federation, legally registered in January 2020 as ‘Netball Sweden’. Netball Sweden now continues Sweden’s membership with NE/INF Associate membership. In 2020 a second Stockholm netball club registered, the Lynx Netball Club. Currently activities are underway to start Netball in Uppsala and interest for activities is generating in Örebro, Gävle, Kalmar and Vänersborg.

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