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Juniors are the future of netball in Sweden.


We are working towards building more juniors clubs by getting netball into more schools!

Want to teach netball in your school? We'd love to hear from you!


Need equipment? Get in contact!

See the Netball Sweden policies and guidelines for U18 players on our documents and policies page. 


Join our teachers network

We run a Network of school teachers from schools across Sweden. The Network aims to share experiences and resources for teaching netball in schools and to initiate National and International playing opportunities.

We welcome you to join!

Teach sports and history

Netball's history starts with Martina Bergman Österberg in Sweden. Teach your students the sport developed by one of Sweden's most famous innovators and women's suffrage campaigners. We even teach Swedish school teachers netball at Martina's former school, see GIH Idrotts- och hälsokonventet

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