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Netball Sweden promotes, develops, and administers netball in Sweden in accordance with "Idrottsrörelsens verksamhetsidé, vision och värdegrund", as found in our Constitution. Our Federation represents Swedish netball abroad and works to increase Sweden’s netball presence internationally.


We work to counteract all forms of discrimination and actively promote a doping-free sport.

You can find all links to our policy documents on this page. 

We follow the policies/procedures and guidelines of both Europe Netball and Riksidrottsförbund. You can read more here;

Find here;


Juniors are the future of our sport but require special care to ensure sports remain a positive aspect of their development both physically and mentally. The following summarises the position of the Riksidrottsförbund and Europe Netball on the inclusion and handling of junior players. 


As per the governing documents of the Riksidrottsförbund (RF) (2009) and Swedish law (2020), sports for those under 18 in Sweden are to be performed in accordance with the United Nations “Convention on the Rights of the Child”.


Every coach working with children under 18 must show a “begränsat registerutdrag” from the police that shows if they have previous convictions regarding severe felonies (rape, sexual abuse, murder etc). This is not required by law but required by RF for all clubs that have children. 


As per the RF constitution, elite participation in sports for those under 13 year old is not allowed. This restricts the early specialisation in sports and pertains to the allowable frequency and intensity of training and competitions as per Long Term Athlete Development models

As per the RF constitution, juniors are considered those turning maximum 20 that year. The RF has no official position on U18 playing sports with or against over 18´s due to variation in the nature of sports regarding injury risks and other factors. Organisations must run activities in line with RF's Skapa Trygga Idrottsmiljoer policy (English translation above).

Europe Netball’s position from the 1st January 2018 is that there is no age restrictions for Open Competitions. Member countries are requested when selecting players to continue to consider their physical and mental welfare and ensure they have the experience to compete against a wide age range of players. Netball Europe's Guidelines for Safeguarding and Protecting Children must be followed. 

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