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Gothenburg Netball Club

Stockholm Netball Club


Netball Club


Members of Netball Sweden are non-profit organisations. Individuals join Netball Sweden through ‘player’ or ‘non-player’ memberships in member clubs.

What do member clubs get?

  • Representation in Europe Netball (NE) and World Netball (formerly INF) and the benefits associated with this including participation in NE/INF competitions, National teams and access to coaching and umpiring certifications.

  • Participation in Netball Sweden organised initiatives, including our umpire development network and our netball interested school teachers network, events including our 'road trip' weekends and National tournaments.

  • Assistance with compliance to the policies of the Riksidrottsförbund (RF), NE/INF and other Swedish authorities to ensure our game and clubs are run to the highest safety, quality, positivity and diversity standards. 

  • Assistance in integrating to regional sporting initiatives and funding sources.

  • Folksam idrottsförsäkring K64600 through our member clubs for coverage at any National event run by Netball Sweden or member clubs. 


If you represent a Netball Club in Sweden and wish to apply for membership please submit a written application requesting inclusion in our Federation.  With your application letter send your sports association’s statutes/constitution. Following approval under the terms of Chapter 2 of our Constitution membership will be granted. The current charge for membership is 75 SEK per individual member in your club. Contact us to register your clubs interest to be a member of Netball Sweden.


Start a club! We can help you to find others in your area interested in playing and assist in the preparation of documents required to get going! Once you are established we will help you to register as an organisation, start a bank account and become members of Netball Sweden.

Support documents that may be useful;

Guide for registering as an organisation

Constitution template



Netball Sweden’s role is to increase participation in Netball in Sweden through;


  • Ensuring positive environments for players to participate

  • Promoting establishment of netball activities to increase accessibility

  • Increasing competence in coaching and umpiring to increase the standard of play 

  • Administrative and policy support functions to clubs, leaving them more time to spend on running netball activities and recruiting

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