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Netball is a gender-neutral, court based ball sport that can be modified and adapted to suit all physical abilities. It is played by over 20 million people worldwide in over 70 countries. It is most popular in countries of the ‘Commonwealth’ with the top 10 ranking countries coming from Australasia, Africa, The Caribbean and Great Britain. Netball has and continues to play an important role in women's health and independence around the world based on it's suffragette origin. Currently World Netball only offers elite netball in single sex format. There is currently no men’s world ranking elite netball internationally.


Netball provides opportunities to develop hand-eye co-ordination, spacial awareness, team building, individual responsibility, as well as overall physical fitness. Individuals build on different aspects of the game including speed, precision, control and teamwork.


While played in similar facilities as basketball and goals being scored by throwing a ball into a ring (with no backboard), this non-contact sport is tailored to team play and inclusion. The court is divided into thirds with 2 goal circles, 5 zones in which 7 playing positions have restricted access. There are restrictions on the movement of players while holding the ball, the distance from which a player can defend the ball and a 3 second time limit before the ball must be released.

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