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Netball Sweden has ambitious plans to build and grow netball in Sweden in the next 5 years and believe in the unique attributes of our sport including;

  • an inclusive team format in our non-contact, movement controlled sport

  • with a history based on woman, one of few majority female sports

  • a Swedish founder of a sport largely unknown in Sweden

  • ‘walking netball’ for those returning from pregnancy or injury, or those who want to play a lower impact sport. An ideal fit for RFs ‘Strategy 2025’ - more playing sports for longer.

  • an important role for netball in assimilation of immigrant communities in Sweden.

We think netball is pretty special. It's one of few sports that can be played in a gender-neutral fashion and modified and adapted to suit all physical abilities. When it comes to spatial control and teamwork, you just can't beat netball.


Netball is also one of few female dominated sports. Originally developed by women, for women, Netball continues to be female dominated and guys and girls alike enjoy the strategy of the game that limits dominance due to physical strength. Netball plays an important role in the independence of women all over the world, including great things in developing countries. It's fantastic to see the effects this sport can have on the lives of women, and society on the whole, through not only health benefits but social and strategic development. 


Netball is more than just a sport to us, it’s a community, a family. Hear from some of our Netball family from over the years below. It is for people like this that we do what we do.  



(Stockholm Netball Club - Mum and Coach 2010)

Playing netball in Sweden was the only part of my daughter’s week that was familiar and comfortable after we moved from Australia to Stockholm. Even though she was only 13, her experience on the netball court meant she successfully competed against other members within the adult club. It was also a great chance for us as a family to get involved in a community, through coaching, umpiring and some of the clubs social activities. I can’t thank the Stockholm Netball Club enough for giving Monique the opportunity to join their great club. 

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