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Netball starts in Uppsala!

Sunday the 6th of September will be the first netball session in Uppsala, Sweden. Uppsala will be the 5th town in Sweden to welcome netball, following from Stockholm in 2009, Lund/Malmö 2019 and Gothenburg 2019. Located only one hour from central Stockholm, netball in Uppsala also expands options for those living in Northern Stockholm suburbs.

There is no cost, just rock up!

Katarina Bickley, originally from the UK is driving establishment of a Netball Club in Uppsala. While she works in Stockholm and regularly plays for the Stockholm Netball Club she looks forward to playing in Uppsala. "I really enjoy playing netball in Stockholm but it will be great to also play in Uppsala and getting more local people involved!", says Katarina.

The club will be playing mixed, social netball and welcomes players looking to meet new people and get active in Uppsala, experienced or not with Netball. "We hope to build the club to the point where we can have both our local social league and as well as competing in the Stockholm Tuesday nights league, Netball Sweden National tournaments and International Amateur European tournaments" says Katarina.

Netball Sweden is working with groups all over the country to expand the reach of Netball and start clubs in more towns. Right now there is interest for new clubs in Landskrona, Karlskrona, Kalmar, Kungsbacka, Jönköping, Linköping, Örebro, Ramnäs, Heby, Kungsgården, Vänersborg and Umeå. If you would like to join these clubs or if you would like to see a club start near you fill in our survey and we will get in touch!

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