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Pie Drive Fundraiser begins 1st March!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Enjoy Amazing pies and support the development of Netball in Sweden!

Pie drives, lamington drives, carrot cake drives, just some of the fundraisers popular in Australia for raising money for schools and sports clubs. It's time to bring this phenomena to Sweden, to support the growth of Netball and to introduce Swede's to the delicious puff-pastry pockets, with delicious savoury fillings, referred to as 'pies' in Australia and New Zealand. Commonly eaten out of a paper bag for lunch, these crispy creations are an out of the oven option on the run or with a salad for a delicious and easy lunch or dinner. While the mince version is the traditional choice, the vegan and vegetarian options from NZ Pies are fantastic!

NZ Pies are based in Katrineholm and baked New Zealand-style, from scratch, using the finest Swedish ingredients! Learn more at

Flavours available include;

- Steak and Bacon (SAB)

- Mince & Cheese (MAC)

- Chilli Vegan (CHV)

- Curry Pumpkin Vegan (CPV)

- Cheesy Bean Vegetarian (CBV)

- Tandoori Chicken (TAC)

- BBQ Chicken (BBQ)

- Wildboar & Västerbotten cheese (WAV)

Supported by 'NZ Pies' in Katrineholm, Sweden, pies will be on sale from the 1st of March till the 22nd of March. Depending on the location pies will be delivered either the 27th or 28th of March, just in time for easter! Each box of 6 pies costs 250SEK and from each box sold the relevant Netball club receives 90SEK towards their Netball development activities, including Netball Europe or Netball Sweden events, umpiring/coaching certification, schools activities and equipment purchase.

Ordering the pies is easy!

Open your 'Swish' app on your phone. The recipient is 0760762055, the amount 250SEK x the number of boxes you are ordering and the message = (seller code) (food-item shortcode) (quantity). Some message examples using the Netball Sweden seller code (NS);

1 x Curry Pumpkin Vegan would be: NS - CPV1

1 x Curry Pumpkin Vegan & 2 x Chilli Vegan would be: NS - CPV1 – CHV2

1 x Curry Pumpkin Vegan & 2 x Chilli Vegan & 2 x Tandoori Chicken would be: NS - CPV1 – CHV2 – TAC2

Each club has a seller code;

Linköping Netball (LN)

Pies will be delivered to these locations.

Not sure which club to support? You are also welcome to buy with the seller code (NS) with proceeds going to Netball Sweden directly to promote development of Netball in Sweden in general. For those wishing to order that cannot pick up from the 6 listed towns, contact us at to see if we can get them to you some other way.

We thank you in advance for supporting our clubs and hope you enjoy your pies!

Big thanks to Bradley Morrison from the U14s Exiles Rugby Club for valuable support in setting up this pie drive!

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